Welcome Thumbtackers!!


Thumbtack is a great way to find your event professionals.

As a professional, I am always looking at ways to attract new clients, and I figured I would work with Thumbtack.  I started in the Wedding Industry in 2001 , with a DJ Business, which I did while working a full time job.  Over the years, I have added photography, and videography.  Granted, a lot has changed over the 15+ years in the business, but good Customer Service, and clear communication are the cornerstones to my business.

Thumbtack gives you a lot of choices for what you would like in your request, and sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to tailor a specific package. Below, I will summarize what the starting point for my services.  As always, I offer Complimentary Consultations during the evenings and weekends for your convenience. If your also looking for other professionals, we can discuss your needs, and I can provide you with referrals to other professionals I have worked with.



 I offer day of event services based on your needs, with quick delivery of images (typically under 2 days). All images are color corrected, and delivered on an easy to use on-line gallery, as well as Dropbox, where the images are available for download for 60 days after delivery. All of my clients are given a copyright release for non-commercial use and printing of their images. Prints, albums, and other products are available, an we can discuss your specific desires during our consultation.

Due to changing technology, I prefer not to burn images to disc media, but will upon request.


Short Highlight Video? Longer Formats? You get both! To keep in the spirit is delivering your video’s quickly, I set up an “unlisted” playlist of your wedding on YouTube, and send you the links so you can share them with friends & family as soon as possible!  As for DVD’s? You only get 480P resolution with DVD, which yields poor quality on today HD televisions, many which work well with USB drives.  So, my preference is to give your your memories with the latest technology, that gives you the ability to enjoy & share at anytime.

Here is a example of a long