Wedding & Event Videography

While I have yet to make an actual page dedicated to videography, I do offer videography for Wedding, Evcent & Commercial Clients. As I develop my page, I will also be including some base pricing for my vidoegraphy. For my work, I utulize Canon DSLR with an assortment of lenses to compliment, Several GoPro camera for discrete filming, as well as the recent additon of a DJI mavic Pro Drone, along with the required FAA Part 107 Liscening for commercial work.  In the meanwhile, feel free to enjoy a tour of some of my recent productions.


For my Wedding promo,  I included footage from two awesome weddings, one from 2015 in Calgary, and the 2nd is from 2016 in Colorado Springs. During the Calagry wedding, I shot with a single camera. In the COlorado Wedding, I utilized a 2 camera set up, with an additional Go Pro discretly placed near the from of the ceremony. However during the outdoor ceremony, and thunderstorm, with lightning blew in. The wind turned from a light breeze into a constant gust causing the Bride’s vail to fly almost straight out. Teh wind was hard on the sound system, but the Bride & Groom repeated their vows during the reception.


As of June 25th, “Out of Bounds” is my most recent personal project I am working on. From my recent trip, I shot over 250 GB of Video & Still, which now goes into the difficult phase of any video production, with is the editing phase. Clips are sorted, renamed, edited, Music is selected. Then to the final cut where the video is synced with the music choice to create the awe and emotion of the production.

The Lighthouse at the Point is a 4K production shot entirely with a DJI Mavic Pro. While 4K is nice, I prefer 60 Frame 1080 for it’s smootheness, which is present in the “Over The Horizon”. As the 4K market improves, and moves into 60FPS, I foresee a move to 4k60fps, whih will p[resent it’s own challenges, but will be beautiful.

When you have friends in a band, you eventually end up shooting their performances, and the Blues Counselors are no exception. Low light vidoegrpahy presents it own set of challenges, balancing light and sensor noise. On this particular evening I was not planning on shooting, and just had a camera with me, so I got some filming time in.