Initially, one would find it hard to blend a candy themed photo with a retired steam plan in Georgetown,Seattle. After a bit of time, I found context in the current Twix Commercials.

So, this begins our story……

Once upon a time, there was a candy factory, located in the far north, which made wonderful candies. It was ran by an old connoisseur of the craft, who loved his factory. Although a bit eccentric, he was a kind and loving man.

He happily made sure the townspeople were taken care of. His factory was a grand place, where the townsfolk enjoyed working at. He was loved and cherished by all.

The factory worked around the clock, day & night, and while most of the time everything ran like clockwork, there were always the rivalries between the Lollypop kids, and the Cupcake Girl. Occasionally there rivalry would create a bit of chaos on the floor. but it was never horribly serious.

But the floor boss, Marsha Mellow, wouldn’t stand for it, and took a hard stance, she would hold here ground and tell the employees that “Horse Play leads to time in the Factory Sick Bay”

But one day, the sweet sugary smoke from the factory just stopped. The town folks came near the factory, but there was not a sound to be heard. There was chatter among the town folk that the kind man had been ambushed by the Evil & Mean Giant Orange Circus Peanut, and taken away, over the mountains , to distant and dangerous place, known as the Sour Patch, located by the salty sea.

For years, no one knew what to do with the silent factory. Rumor has spread that there was an heiress to the factory. For the Kind Man only once left the factory, and traveled to the land of Candy Swirls, and tales of a romance while on his travels. To find the heiress, the town called on six intrepid adventurers to go to the land of Candy Swirls.

They bravely traversed the land with story of peril and bravery trickling back to the town. Time went by, and seasons passed. The powdered sugar covered the land, and retreated as the day got warmer. On day the expedition returned. Marsha Mellow was keeping an eye over the town when she counted not 6, but 8 travelers, to which she rushed down to report to the townspeople.

The Heiress had been found.

Her name was Kandy Cotton. She was willing to follow in the footsteps of the Kind Old Man. She eagerly got to work, getting the factory back in working condition, and the townspeople were happy to help here bring the Factory back to life.

Skittleina, who played in the old factory as child, knew how much of the factory worked and help Kandy to get things working. Even the Cupcake Girl & Lollipop Kids came back and helped Kandy Cotton bring the factory back to life.

Everything was going great for Kandy Cotton, and the factory

Until, one stormy night, when she was walking through the factory. She heard a sound. She nervously looked around. Suddenly, she was pushed down to the ground. She spun around, and gasped.. It was the Evil & Mean Giant Orange Circus Peanut. He hissed and snarled in all of his orangeness. He howled on how she was going to meet the same end as the the kind old man. But as he lunged at her, the Duchess of Nougat leaped between the two, and struck down the Evil & Mean Giant Orange Circus Peanut, with all of her might!

Quickly they took the Evil & Mean Giant Orange Circus Peanut, and stuffed him into the machinery before he could wake up an hurt them.

The machinery churned and made weird noises.

The gauges fluttered, and hit dangerous levels. Everyone was nervous.

The distillers were clanging and banging, as the factory filled with smoke. Kandy Cotton told everyone to get out of the building. But she bravely stayed.

The Turbines in the factory whined, as they were turning faster that they suppose to. Suddenly there a loud bang and explosion, smoke filled the room.

Kandy Cotton courageously stood there, waiting to see what would happen next. As the smoke cleared, she saw a figure, much much smaller than the Evil & Mean Giant Orange Circus Peanut standing there.

It was the Kind Old Man. Apparently the stories of him being in the Sour Patch had been tall tales, because the Evil & Mean Giant Orange Circus Peanut has swallowed him whole so long before.

The End