Initial Communications:

There are lot’s of ways to communicate these days, and some of these methods are perfect tools for scam artist. I experienced enough of these attempts to finally establish a policy. I really prefer connecting by phone or my contact form when starting out. I will reply to a text message (vaguely), however, I will be driving the conversation to an actual in-person consultation, while verifying the integrity of the number I am receiving text messages from, up to and including calling the actual number for human verification.

Combination of Services:

I only provide one service per client per event.  I maintain professional and working relationships with other Photographers, Videographers & DJ’s. They help me by giving me referrals, and I reciprocate by giving them referrals. This also ensures that my clients receive the attention and quality they deserve.  If needed, I provide recommendations based on needs, budget, and location, and offer to include them in our consultations.

Accepted Forms of Payment:

I happily accept Cash,Credit/Debit Cards,PayPal, Cashier Checks and Money Order.  I do accept Personal Checks, however, there is an additional 6% service fee, which covers the cost of a 3rd party cash checking service.

Community Giving:

A healthy community thrives when the local business community supports the community. I support legitimate Non-Profits (501(c)) Organizations that have a mission that I believe in. When inquiring about contributing to your non-profit, please ensure you have the proper supporting documentation.