New DJ Mix: Weekend Warmup #5

Ok, a few days early for the weekend warmup mix, but here it is! 1h22m of Drum & Bass goodness! The playlist spans a collection of tracks from 2006 all to way tracks release just a few weeks ago. I bring back some vintage tracks from producers such as Gridlok (10m51s), and Pendulum’s epic track “Tarantula”, which stars off in a reggae theme, and changes to “jump up”, which is backed by Pendulum’s “Still Grey”, which leads into the 1st of a few segways into some Brazilian, courtesy of DJ Marky & XRS. This leads into some more “Trance & Bass” styles of “Major Happy” & “Icarus”, which really builds up the “pressure”, so a quick bit of grime to temper it down around 50 minutes in the mix, and we roll back into some Gridlok at 50m45s. At 1h in, I’m really trying to wind down the set, but it sort of has it’s own momentum going, and working 1 1h05 into a really warm track that reminds me of the 80’s pop band “Book of Love’, is a trak called “Liquidiser” by Davide Carbone, which came out in 2006, and took about 4 year to actually get a full copy of, which lead back into another bit Brazillian. At this point, it’s just rolling,so I pretty much pull the emergency brakes and wind it down.

Click here to listen to the Mix