Flat Rate Services


When I got started in the Wedding Industry in 2002, there were those who encouraged me to “Go all in”. At the time I was the “bread winner” for my family, and that was a risk I was not comfortable taking, so I stuck with my career.

The business of photography was straight forward business, and really, it still is, once you strip all the layers of fluffy marketing techniques.

If I was to say the played out cliche’ that “Photography is my passion”, I would say that is true. It’s not a $3k a day passion. As far as I am concerned that is a different passion, and I understand what drives and encourages that “passion”.

In offering flat rate pricing, I am not trying to be a cheap photographer, I am respecting my passion, and I’m respecting you, my clients. Like many of you, I wake up early, and drag myself to a job, at least 5 days a week. like you, I worry over every day life issues, and I don’t like to hear a lot of marketing tactics.  Simply, I don’t care to run my business that way, I want to provide great images at a price that keeps you off the dollar menu during your honeymoon, and if you want more than my flat rates offer, I can also work with you on that.


Wedding Photography

$1000 for up to 8 hours of Wedding Day Coverage. All images are sorted, and color corrected, and I throw in a few of my custom edits. All of this delivered on two USB 3.0 Flash Drives*.  This price is valid around the Greater Puget Sound area, San Juan Islands & Pacific Coast, add $200.

Wedding Videography

$1000, two USB 3.0 Flash Drives*,  But your have a choice of either full length video clips OR a highlight reel. If you want both, add $300, and same travel conditions as wedding photography. (Note: I can book both wedding photo & video services, I bring in second professional to work with me) 


Portrait Sessions

$250 for up to 2 hours. Same as wedding, all images are sorted for quality, and color corrected. Throw in a few custom edits, and two USB 3.0 Flash Drives*

Real Estate Photography:

$250 for up to 30 images, and 3 minutes of Drone work. Highlight video’s are an additional $75. all photos & video are delivered via Dropbox of Google Drive. I can do these on weekends & evenings.