About me:

I grew up just north of San Francisco, in the Napa Valley. I enjoyed a childhood of many things from building car engines, to being active in Theater.  After completing high school, I joined the Navy in 1989, to go see the world. Growing up, we traveled a lot, and I always had my Kodak Instamatic 110 handy. To keep in that spirit, I had a compact 35mm camera, until 1990.  The Christmas prior to deploying to the Pacific during Desert Storm, I got a full Canon Rebel 35mm kit, which I still have and occasionally use.  I left the service on 1993, to pursue not only different career paths, but to become a husband that would never be subject to military deployments. I grew up in a military family, and being deployed with a wife & children was not a path I wanted in my life.

In 1994, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest, because Job opportunities were scarce in the San Diego area at that time.  I worked in the Seattle Metro for just over a year,  until I entered Civil Service, as an apprentice welder. My curiosity and ability with technical systems has allowed me to move into a variety of positions, including Process Development & Improvement and Automated industrial Supply Chain Management. I am currently a Para-Manager, supporting a management team of over 600 employees.  During these year, I also had a curiosity in Naturopathy and Yoga, having been certified as an instructor for 2 years (2001-2012)

Today, I reside in Poulsbo, with my 2nd wife, who provides Small Business Services.  I am on the sunset of raising two great children, to which I am looking forward to seeing my parenting role continue to transition to a mentoring role, as they explore adulthood.

Oddly enough my creative hobbies & interest have directly translated to the service I offer my clients. Besides those, I I have a love for the outdoors, which include traveling by motorcycle, and an interest in the “over landing” experience.  And if there is a good micro-brewery around, I am usually game to sample their goods!





How I run My Business:

There is more than one way to run a business, and since 2002, I have tried several different approaches over the years, as well as different ways of pricing. Some methods worked, some made me feel really phony, but I found that good old fashion customer service, and no bull work very well. All of my contracts are written in easy to read English, with no sneaky small print, or other “sucker punches”. During my consultations, we go through the contract, and I encourage questions at every step of the process.

Pricing & Quality are always a clients concerns. Take a look at my work, it’s consistent, and timeless.  My pricing takes into consideration the economic diversity of the region.  In areas like Seattle & the East-side, I have been told by prospective clients that I am too cheap, which equates to shabby quality. In the West Sound, I am told that I am too expensive. Overall, I found this frustrating, so I try to price in the middle ground, and close to what the same services cost in the region. (Since I offer three individual services, I work with a lot of fellow professionals, and keep my prices in line with the averages)  Having two different prices for the same thing just doesn’t feel fair.

Delivery Times. When I am done taking photo, or shooting video, I typically go right into editing mode as soon as possible. Back in the film days, 4-6 weeks was the norm.  Today, it’s an excuse, and the importance of the moments loses it’s initial excitement the longer you have to wait.  At the longest, it  takes up to 3 days for delivery, but there  have been times when I have delivered under 24 hours after the event.

There is also a lot of other silliness, mostly in the photo side.  Copyright, I register my work, and my client’s get a license for personal non-commercial use.  I am pretty laid back unless I happen to find works plastered on the side of a bus, unless it was commercial work. Clients editing images, and posting them on social media. I have been on forums where photographers absolutely lose their minds when they see their images “instagramed” or filter via an app on Social Media.  Even going through all of a clients images, and writing “stern warnings”. That is insane!  If your “editing” it, showing it, and sharing, that just tells me your loving it!! And knowing you love it makes me happy!

I also treat my clients professionally, like going to see a doctor, or hiring a contractor. The “long lost friend” approach feels very in-congruent to me. I love to get to know my clients, because we are going to be spending time together. However, I have no intention to get in your circle of friends, to up-sell myself. . If I do a good job by you, then some good word of mouth should be just fine!



Weddings: (Photo|Video|DJ)

This is where it all started, and I love every aspect of my work.  With over 15 years in the industry,  I have seen trends come and go in the world of Wedding photography, I embrace the the clean & classic style of great color, light, and sharpness, but this doesn’t mean that I am rigid on this, I am also more than happy to provide edits that are stylized to current trends, to compliment your images.

Planning your wedding is easy, I offer complimentary consultations where we discuss your wedding plans, and what your needs our.  Unfortunately, I am one person who offers multiple services, but can only do one per event. However, this has also allowed me to build a unique relationship with my colleagues, who I have worked with over the years, so I am also able to give you referrals to other Wedding professionals.  If making time for planning your wedding is an issue,  I can help assemble what I call “The Wedding Day Team”  to make your life easier, because ultimately, my goal is to go that extra mile to make your wedding as easy and stress free as possible.

Events: (Photo|Video|DJ)