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Robb Simmons is a freelance professional photographer & videographer with a knack for DJing. He started DJing in 2002, and added photography to his talents in 2004. In 2013, he added videography to his list of talents. Robb is innovative in thinking and creativity. Over the years he has been active in the community, and an participant in the Northwest photography community, attending numerous workshop, and collaborative events. By day, Robb is an analyst in the public sector, with a background in metal fabrication and process improvement. Robb enjoys exploring the western United States, either by motorcycle or car, which includes a fair amount of photography & videography, spending time with friends and family , as well as relaxing at home in Poulsbo, WA with his wife Katherine.

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  •   (360) 990-0983
  •   Poulsbo,WA


Robb is very talented and provides very comprehensive service. He really cares about serving his clients.

Janet K.

Business Owner
This guy is truly a genius when it comes to lighting and catching a great picture. Those pictures I posted tonight not one of them is photo shopped this is just his great eye! Please check it out and think of him next time you need some great pictures taken

Shasta F.

Portrait Client
Robb is fantastic at what he does. I was so lucky to have met him and have him DJ our wedding.

Anika V.

Wedding Client
Robb Simmons was a pleasure to work with! If you are looking for a different photography style he is your guy! Thinks out of the box and has some very unique and beautiful shots. Very professional and personable. His work is AMAZING! Thank you!! Highly recommend

Letty J

Portait Client
Robb Simmons has been a friend for years but I would not make this claim for anyone if it were not true. I am an amateur photographer and still have a lot to learn. But I do know good photography when I see it. I am simply amazed by Robb's work. His skills as a photographer shows in his work. His artistry is incredible. He uses light in ways that gives him these extraordinary captures. If I were to hire a professional photographer Robb Simmons would be my first choice.

Gary O



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